The Dunes

A montage of photos

The Warren Dunes

The Experience

“What were we thinking?” is the question he asked over and over as he struggled to place one foot in front of the next.  The weight of the camera bag dug into his shoulder, he felt the perspiration flowing down the small of his back.  They  had come too far to turn back, and with each step he felt the sand shifting under his sneakers making the climb more difficult.  His eyes strained to see the peak, his breath raspy and dry, it took more than courage to press forward at this point.

With just twenty feet to go, his body protested, every muscle fiber screamed in agony.  Up ahead the point man had already reached the apex.  Behind him the two other climbers were slowly making their way up.  His eyes could barely focus on their silhouette, blinded by the glare of the sand.  He used the sleeve of his shirt to wipe his face…..

to be continued by the other climbers


One thought on “The Dunes

  1. “Quite a warm day” , I was thinking in the back of my mind as I began climbing the sandy hill. Something that seemed like an easy feat. One step after another, and I thought to my selfvthis would be much easier in my bare feet. So, I stop and bend down and remove my flip flops and look under me and realize how high up I was…

    “Wow!” I swung around looked up the dune, then down the dune and said “man what was I thinking”! “I’m no where near the top yet” my friends are almost at the top….but I kept it moving…your doing it… your doing it…one foot in front of the other.

    A brief breather on an old dried wood tree next to my good friend, she say’s “okay, I’m done” I said nooooo, were going to the top…this is just a pit stop…besides we can do this…”

    Eventually, we made it to the top. Sister to Sister encouragement. She arrived first, I shortly behind her. It was one of the best challenging feats of the year! Great Day, Great Friends,Great Sunset…couldn’t ask for anything more.

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