The Wheel

a dirty wheel

Roundup to the rescue

One thing I loath is dirty wheels. In times past, I would bring my car to the local touch less car wash, and pay $11.00 to have my car washed, and lament over the results from the automated car wash. But today, as I helped my brother unpack his Uhaul truck, I asked him what was he doing with a roundup spray bottle, knowing that he didn’t care for the lawn at his previous apartment. He casually said, ‘I use this to wash my car.’ What a brilliant idea I thought to myself.

Twenty dollars, and a trip to Lowes, I found my solution to my dirty wheels. Problem solved !

clean wheel

After the cleaning


As we say in my neighborhood. Nuff Said. What does that mean? That means, there is nothing more to say about this video. Please watch, subscribe to the channel, and chase your dreams.

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Want more Profits ?

I’m breaking the silence again, to offer my two cents on something that happened today.  The fans of Apple, experienced a new product announcement, and a confirmed release date for iOS 7.   I am excited, and I am not ashamed to be called a fANBOY.   But to my dismay,  WHILE I sat at home enjoying the KEYNOTE, my mobile device binged to alert me that the DOW JONES closed at a record high, with APPLE stock taking a dip.

And to this I says this,  if you are an investor in a company and wish to experience more profits in your portfolio.   Why not roll up your sleeves, and PITCH in and HELP.  By this I mean,  if you are REALLY concerned about the ‘bottom line’,  then I give you permission to get involved.   Roll up your sleeves, and put in some sweat equity, in the firm that your wallet believes in.    ONCE you have some sweat Equity, and work your way up to TOP Management, then your IDEAS can lead to increased profits for your wallet.

This concludes my two cents.   No, I am not an independently wealthy investor.  I’m simply a satisfied customer, who puts in sweat equity in the firms that I care for.

I don’t support Minimum again ( Read Below )

Earlier today I came across a youtube news commenter who spoke about minimum wage. He asked the question, should minimum wage be raised for low wage earners who work at McDonalds.

I’ve worked for a few major corporations in time, who offered me a the bare minimums. Now that I am older and wiser, I’ve had some time to think about the whole situation. Let illustrate my new insight with a fictional company, in a fictional market. Supposing that Banana Co, earned 1.2 Billion dollars in profits during the 1st quarter of the year. The share holders rejoice, the CEO and friends assign themselves nice bonuses, and everyone is happy right? Well then the real question that should be asked is, what is the REAL factor that enabled the company to perform well in during that quarter?

Is it the smart thinking of the CEO and the tenacity of the managers down below? Sure they all play a part in the process, however they don’t play the ONLY part in reaching those financial goals. Unless Banana Co’s workforce is comprised entirely of robots, I am quite certain that a large part of the financial success is due to the labor force which interacts directly or indirectly with the clients and customers of Banana Co.

This brings me to my point, I don’t believe in minimum wage.. (pause) In a perfect world, in my example, when Banana Co, makes record profits, EVERYONE should get bonuses, right down to the lowly line worker. Sure, accountants will need to work much harder, and human resources departments won’t be able to offer ‘flat compensation’ packages, but.. in the end, a company who values their team members, won’t need adhere to a policy that sets minimum wages, they would always look for ways make sure their team members lived well. After all, a worker who doesn’t have to spend ALL their leisure time, trying to make ends meets, can better focus on the job of helping the team WIN more.

In conclusion, my appeal is simple. It takes a TEAM to win a game. People shouldn’t be paid according to the tasks that they do, but the TEAM should value it’s members, to ensure that they are always in a position to create new WINS for the team. If you value your people, the government won’t have to set ‘polices’ to make sure you are treating them right.

Wealth Generator

These days I read a lot of wealth management books, and listen to a lot of podcasts.  Many experienced wealth  generators have a lot of great advice on managing and creating wealth. Today, I decided to add my two cents, for whatever it’s worth.   

The thought began with a question.  What is wealth? When I think of wealth, I think of an over abundance of money or possession.  In essence, wealth is having more than what you need at any given moment.   I looked up the definition of wealth and it read ‘an abundance of valuable possessions or money.’  My definition was pretty close.

I’d like to suggest that wealth is more than the abundance of things.  Wealth, in my new understanding, is all about experiencing the right relationships.     Here me out for a second.    Supposing a man has a best friend from kindergarden, and they remained as close as two peas in a pot, and the friend owned a Mercedes dealership.  Do you think that for one moment, the friend of the dealership owner, would be concerned about getting a great valued Mercedes from his friend?  I think not.     Supposing you had a friend in Florida who had a nice big house, would you be concerned for a place to stay, if you went to Florida for the weekend?  I think not.

What I am learning is, that wealth generating people, or those who value the friendships that they cultivate in life.   If you have GREAT friendships, you may experience an abundance of possessions or money, because of your good relationships.    

In short, it’s not what you have, but who you know.  So my challenge for you today, is to spend some time investing in your friendships.  Stop chasing after the illusive dollars, but spend real time, with real people, and in the end, life is JUST more fun that way.  


If there is one thing that I dislike, loath, and all the words in between, is rejection. My stomach literally turns over within itself, when I experience rejection. It times past, I did most anything to avoid rejection. I tried to avoid any situation that involved an opportunity to be rejected. When I was younger, I didn’t ask anyone to the Senior Prom, to avoid the risk of being turned down. My avoidance of rejection got so expansive, that it boiled over into my avoidance of failure. I became a risks avoider.

That worked well until I graduated from my Masters program. In order to find work in my field, I need to take risks. I sent dozens, upon dozens of personalized resumes and cover letters, and received dozens upon dozens of rejection letters. It has become apparent to me, that the only way to get ahead is to finally deal with the phobia called rejection. At first, I locked myself in my apartment, and busied myself doing domestic chores. That soon got old, and didn’t solve the problem.

Now I decided to face my fear, by taking risks. I am doing things I never thought I’d do before, all because I am now a family man, and a GROWN man. My motto is, risk nothing, gain nothing.

Our Replacements have arrived


This morning, I decided to take the path less traveled home from the bank. I approached the construction zone, and to my great surprise, I was greeted with SHORT Circuit’s cousin, the automated mobile stop light system.

Where did the Yield/stop Sign manager go? They replaced him with an impersonal, mechanical automated device. As I drove by, my heart was grieved momentarily, because I enjoyed waving at the yield/stop sign professional. I will miss those warm smiles, and polite waves now that Wall-E operates the mobile stop signs.

It got me thinking about the opportunity costs of automation. What are we giving up, as we propel ourselves into an automated world? Where can people go, to experience natural media ( face to face encounters?)