I’m Back :)

It’s been a while since my last post.  Perhaps you were concerned, and so you’ll be pleased to know that, he (me) is still alive and well !.

Now that I’m back, what shall we talk about?     Books, books and more books.

My public library has a ‘digital’ section a place where you can borrow audio books for 11 days at a time.    I discovered it in early 2016.  Now I am committing myself to listening to 2 books every 30 days and journaling my experience.   Please be sure to share some of your favorite audio book titles with me.

First book of 2017


Sethi, R. (2009). I Will Teach You To Be Rich (1 edition). New York: Workman Publishing Company.


Sethi drew me in with his introduction.   I found it difficult to remove my AirPods while listening on my daily commute to work.  This book is a MUST read for all ADULTS who finally decide they are ready for ADULTING.   He shared a fresh perspective on personal finances, freeing me from the fears of living paycheck to paycheck.  Now I leverage my resources to support the greater good of my personal and professional goals.

READ IT, add it to your collection !!



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