Communication 101

Turning Signal

An all too familiar scene plays out on the busy highways in Maryland.   The other day while cruising in the middle lane on the I-95, a vehicle was observed leaving the right shoulder and casually drifting into the most right hand lane.    The black, classic luxury sedan accelerated with the urgency of a snail on a spring summer day.  Not a moment had past, before the black sedan, with smokey tinted windows drifted into the middle lane without  activating the turning signal, causing a half dozen of other traveling commuters to urgently seek their brake pedals.   Several cars raised their rears and dropped their noses while swaying side to side while dissipating speed faster water evaporates on a red hot skillet.   And still the Mercedes Benz continued drifting now settling comfortably and smugly in the left lane.   After the following vehicles collected themselves into a dense pack – also known as a traffic jam, the lone driver in the classic luxury sedan, black with smokey tinted windows, Mercedes Benz proceeded to lower his bumper and raise his nose, accelerating down the clear high way leaving behind a collection of bewildered and confused commuters.

So what lessons can you draw from this experience?  Communication, communication, communication.   For thousands of years, man kind traveled the world using various forms of transportation.  The automobile, a more recent invention graced our planet with a more efficient means of travel.  In the early days, drivers used hand signals to articulate their intentions so that other drivers could anticipate their movements.   As early as 1907, crafty inventors thought of ways of simplifying communications with an early turn signal.    Today, there are thousands of ways to communicate, self-phones(otherwise known as cellphones), social media,  LED turning signals, smoke signals, flying pigeons, telegraph, email,  word of mouth and on and on.  And yet, there are some who continue to move about the world without taking time to articulate their intentions.

So what is it that I’m really trying to say?  Please, for the sake of humanity, I implore you to take a minute,  tell someone what you intend to do.  Communicate, say something BEFORE.   If you are on the highway, signal before you turn so that others don’t have to panic and raise their rears.  If you drive below the speed limit, it’s okay to stay in the right lane.    If you work on becoming a better communicator, we’ll work on becoming better listeners.


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