Monday morning, Dec 1, I rushed into my bank to make a quick deposit.    Ordinarily I love visiting my local branch because of their quick and courteous service.   My branch is not like an ordinary branch.  You slip your deposit into a tube, and the friendly agent speaks through a monitor.     On this day however a new agent answered briefly,  ‘i’ll be with you shortly.’   The seconds turned into minutes, and I began to wonder if she/he had forgotten about me.    After a long 10 minute wait, he/she returned to my screen, and said your receipt is coming in the tube.

As I sat back in my car, I began to wonder about my experience at the bank.  I pondered on the variables that caused me to love banking with this branch, and how quickly the experience could have been ruined by one agent (new on the job)    This short experience served as the catalyst for my thoughts.

Simply put – Always do your best in what ever you do.   Your very best is what creates amazing experiences for others.  That my friend, is the essence of BestOlogy.


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