Standard Shift

There was a time, in my adolescent years when I wondered why older people clung to artifacts of yesteryears.   When the CD player emerged on the scene, I quickly replaced my old Tape recorder.    My little wallet could barely keep up with the changing times.   I chuckled at people who clung to their tape players, and record players, until  last year when I began to look for a standard transmission car.  

Wanting a standard transmission went against the grain of the culture that I had adopted.   A stick shift is not new technology, however there is a certain personal satisfaction that comes with driving a stick.   I look forward to my driving adventures.  I like dancing with 3 pedals, and exercising my right arm in traffic.   Now I understand why some people cling to their old tape recorders, and record players.   

I am still a techno-junky, but now that I am maturing in age, I realize that some of life’s greatest pleasures come from doing things, simply for the joy it brings.    After today, no slick sales person can convince me to buy a new shiny automatic or cvt powered vehicle.   Keyless entry, voice activated navigation,  rain-activated wipers, are all inventions designed for a world that craves the new… meanwhile, I have settled into what I like.    My car still has a tape deck, and CD player with no iPod plug in.    I don’t have keyless entry, or rain-activated wipers.

When  I get in my car,  I can’t stop grinning ear to ear because I enjoy driving a standard transmission.



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