Want more Profits ?

I’m breaking the silence again, to offer my two cents on something that happened today.  The fans of Apple, experienced a new product announcement, and a confirmed release date for iOS 7.   I am excited, and I am not ashamed to be called a fANBOY.   But to my dismay,  WHILE I sat at home enjoying the KEYNOTE, my mobile device binged to alert me that the DOW JONES closed at a record high, with APPLE stock taking a dip.

And to this I says this,  if you are an investor in a company and wish to experience more profits in your portfolio.   Why not roll up your sleeves, and PITCH in and HELP.  By this I mean,  if you are REALLY concerned about the ‘bottom line’,  then I give you permission to get involved.   Roll up your sleeves, and put in some sweat equity, in the firm that your wallet believes in.    ONCE you have some sweat Equity, and work your way up to TOP Management, then your IDEAS can lead to increased profits for your wallet.

This concludes my two cents.   No, I am not an independently wealthy investor.  I’m simply a satisfied customer, who puts in sweat equity in the firms that I care for.


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