Wealth Generator

These days I read a lot of wealth management books, and listen to a lot of podcasts.  Many experienced wealth  generators have a lot of great advice on managing and creating wealth. Today, I decided to add my two cents, for whatever it’s worth.   

The thought began with a question.  What is wealth? When I think of wealth, I think of an over abundance of money or possession.  In essence, wealth is having more than what you need at any given moment.   I looked up the definition of wealth and it read ‘an abundance of valuable possessions or money.’  My definition was pretty close.

I’d like to suggest that wealth is more than the abundance of things.  Wealth, in my new understanding, is all about experiencing the right relationships.     Here me out for a second.    Supposing a man has a best friend from kindergarden, and they remained as close as two peas in a pot, and the friend owned a Mercedes dealership.  Do you think that for one moment, the friend of the dealership owner, would be concerned about getting a great valued Mercedes from his friend?  I think not.     Supposing you had a friend in Florida who had a nice big house, would you be concerned for a place to stay, if you went to Florida for the weekend?  I think not.

What I am learning is, that wealth generating people, or those who value the friendships that they cultivate in life.   If you have GREAT friendships, you may experience an abundance of possessions or money, because of your good relationships.    

In short, it’s not what you have, but who you know.  So my challenge for you today, is to spend some time investing in your friendships.  Stop chasing after the illusive dollars, but spend real time, with real people, and in the end, life is JUST more fun that way.  


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