If there is one thing that I dislike, loath, and all the words in between, is rejection. My stomach literally turns over within itself, when I experience rejection. It times past, I did most anything to avoid rejection. I tried to avoid any situation that involved an opportunity to be rejected. When I was younger, I didn’t ask anyone to the Senior Prom, to avoid the risk of being turned down. My avoidance of rejection got so expansive, that it boiled over into my avoidance of failure. I became a risks avoider.

That worked well until I graduated from my Masters program. In order to find work in my field, I need to take risks. I sent dozens, upon dozens of personalized resumes and cover letters, and received dozens upon dozens of rejection letters. It has become apparent to me, that the only way to get ahead is to finally deal with the phobia called rejection. At first, I locked myself in my apartment, and busied myself doing domestic chores. That soon got old, and didn’t solve the problem.

Now I decided to face my fear, by taking risks. I am doing things I never thought I’d do before, all because I am now a family man, and a GROWN man. My motto is, risk nothing, gain nothing.


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