Giving, a new perspective on Patriotism

July 4th, is rapidly approaching. For many, it is a day to raise the flag, watch fireworks, barbecue, and of course, be proud to be in America. I’d like to share with you an idea that is equally patriotic.

Giving. That’s right, Giving. Giving can take a many forms. One can give money, time and talents. But the key to this kind of giving, is to give freely, expecting nothing in return. This idea is not a new one. Most recently, I read about it in Linchpin, written by Seth Godin. But there is an older book, that sheds more light in giving, and dealing with our neighbors. Exodus 22.25, instructs a group of people, not to charge interest when loaning monies to the poor.

Imagine what this country would be like, if the bank didn’t charge you interest on your home mortgage, simply because you were American. Imagine if the Car dealership didn’t charge you interest on your auto loan? I know, some one is probably screaming, well how WILL they turn a profit, aka, make money, if they don’t charge interest? Well that’s a thought for another discussion.

Instead of dreaming, I want to encourage you to do your little part like me. I am challenging myself to always keep a little money, set


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