Slowing down for the moments


Yesterday I set out for a leisurely walk with my lovely wife.  In keeping with the theme of chasing dreams we decided to engage in one of our enjoyable passions.  As we buckled our tennis shoes, I reached for my camera and slung it over my shoulder.   Last evening the sky began to darken with menacing clouds, and so we hurriedly sought the cover of a nearby building.  As we ran for cover, a yellow flower caught my attention.   In our haste, I stopped for a few brief seconds to bend my eyes and raise the viewfinder to my left eye.   Ignoring all the rules of composition, my finger found the shutter and before the sound of the clicking of the shutter reached my ears, my feet were pounding the ground for the cover of safety.

When I arrived home, I uploaded the pics to my desktop and to my amazement, this brief capture caught my eye.  I learned a valuable lesson yesterday as we continue the journey to pursue our dreams, and this lesson is :  Even engaging in your passion for a second a day can yield long term results.

And so I ask you today, what passions are you engaging in, and what are some of the results?  Feel free to leave a comment down below.


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