Dream Chasers

This morning I came to a certain realization.   I don’t do many of the things that I believe I enjoy doing.  Have you ever found yourself thinking, boy I really enjoy (insert hobby or interest) and by the day’s end, you realize that you’ve spent very little time doing the very thing that you enjoy?   Well I thought for sure, that when I got out of school, in between ministry hunting / job hunting, that I would devote plenty of time to my main interests.   Each evening I would lay myself to rest and think, tomorrow is the day that I am going to do (insert interest/hobby).  Sadly the tomorrow would come and go, and my interest would remain un-touched.

When I was in school balancing 16 credits, a part time job, and my family life, I used the excuse that I didn’t have time to rekindle my passions, to keep the fire burning on my interests.  Now that I should have more time, the fact  remains that my interests remain neglected.

If you are like me, let me suggest to you that you’re out of excuses.  Your tomorrow’s will become your today’s, and there will never be another time more perfect than NOW, to devote to your interests.

So here is what I am going to do.  I am breaking down my days into hour increments.  Each hour I will ask myself, what are the 3 things that I needs to do within this hour.  Once I complete these three tasks, goals or objects.  I will ask myself again, what are the 3 things I can do in that block of time.   This will ensure that my productivity increases, and less time will be wasted wondering what needs to be done.  Finally, some of those 3 grouplets of things will purposefully include my interests, music, photography and or flying.

If you have suggestions on how to chase your dreams, please feel free to comment below.


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