Chevy Cruze Experience

This weekend,  I spent 7 hours in a white 2012 Chevy Cruze.  I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.   The car is very quiet even at highway speeds. My car was powerful and stable throughout its range of speeds.  The control knobs and buttons on the dash board seemed well placed, and it didn’t take long for me to become comfortable with the placements of the knobs and buttons.   The drivers seat was comfortable, and the faux leather trim felt much better than my 1999 Neon.

Chevy Cruze RedGM did very well on this design.  Their attention to detail is noticed with their swiss blade style foldable keys, and joystick styled rearview mirror controls.    However there are two things that I didn’t like about the car.  For one, opening up the gas door, is not as intuitive as it could be.  The gas door(refueling door) is flush with the passenger side rear quarter panel.  I spent a few minutes in the freezing cold, trying to pry the door open.    Regrettably, there didn’t appear to be a mechanism inside the car to open the gas door (refueling)  My second fumbling moment in my rental car occurred when I attempted to deactivate the cruise control at night.  The buttons on the steering wheel are well illuminated except the one to turn off the cruise control.  A spent a few seconds, fumbling in the dark until my left thumb found the toggle to turn off the cruise control.

Over all, I LOVED the car.  The ride was smooth, quiet, and economical.  I would most certainly drive A Chevy Cruze rental again.


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