What I learned about Discipleship from that

August 21, 2005 is the date that I decided I was ready for change. On this date, I walked into an Apple store and purchased my first Apple product, a Powerbook G4 15 inch laptop. Prior to this date, I worked on PCs, built PCs, sold PCS and the list goes on and on. Before I go on, this is not another PC vs Mac discussion, but a lesson I learned about Discipleship through the transition from one system to the next.
I still remember the first day I sat my Apple on the bed thinking, “what am I going to do with this.?” 1 week of intense tinkering with the operating system, and I became somewhat comfortable with my laptop. The more I used it, the more I enjoyed the experience. Overtime, my excitement began spilling over into my friendship circles. Most of my early conversations where centered around, guess what I can do on my Mac. Then I began showing people how easy it was to share pictures, create music, make videos and the likes with my computer.
One of my early converts was my brother. He is a shrewd budgeter and investor. He had purchased a brand new PC laptop for a fraction of the cost of my Powerbook G4. Every time we got together, he and I would compare systems. One day to my great surprise, I saw an APPLE logo affixed to the back of his laptop, and now the rest is history.
What I learned about discipleship from that is, in order to share something effectively with someone else, it is best to have first hand experience yourself. Many people say, I can’t share my faith, I don’t know how to give a bible study, and so forth. And my answer is, experience your faith FIRST, and then you’ll have something to share. I watched my family members gradually adopt APPLE products, simply because they saw me use the product and answer questions about the products. And so I conclude with this thought, you want your family to have Faith in God? You want your church to be a more Spiritual environment, it all begins with you.


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