Beyond the Rhetoric

September 12, 2012 a certain company announces it’s best mobile communication device ever designed. Now before you label me the fan boy that I am, I write from a purely unbiased perspective. I observed how quickly the usual supporters and nay sayers took sides. I contemplated how some went so far as to predict the demise of a certain company because of the release of such and such product.

Then, it dawned on me. I looked beyond the rhetoric. iPhones, Galaxy 3s, and so forth are great tools of communication. However, what good is a phone if one doesn’t have friends that listen? What good is a text message if no one really reads it? What good is a picture if no one is really looking?

Apple designed products that have changed the way we communicate. In some respects they have made it easier to transmit information, however the key element in communication is you. So the question I am asking myself today is, When was the last time I innovated my relationship? When was the last time I transformed my friendships, even to a small degree? When was the last time you spent hundreds of hours thinking of a more meaningful way to enhance your significant other’s life?

In the midst of all this talk about who is leading, and who is following in the technological sphere, we must never forget that technology is only a tool for people. If you aren’t innovating your relationships with people, then perhaps it’s time to do so.


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