“Why did you buy a kindle?” the voice echoed through the fuzzy ear channel. And this is how a certain man began his day. Kindle touch clasped in hand, he thought for a moment and said, ‘Focus.”

The on looker bewildered by his remark, knew him to be a huge promotor of Apple. Had he done lost his mind? Focus? What could he possibly mean by that?

And then the onlooker began to reflect on what it meant, focus. Could it be that one does more with less, than one can do with more? Sure a Kindle is no iPad 2 in functionality, but could it be that it’s limited functionality allows a certain man to focus on reading, instead of juggling the mammoth of choices available on other devices?

Could it be that simple, focused living, allows one to do more ; one thing at a time, than doing less, and completing less?

your thoughts?



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