There are days when I fall out of bed on to the hard well worn carpet. Today was just such a day. Nevertheless I made my way into the bathroom only to be scared awake by my reflection in the mirror. A few hours later, I found myself walking briskly across a chilly campus burdened with my bookbag on one shoulder and a camera bag on the other. I sat quietly in class, my mind vaguely thinking about the photoshoot to come. He and I left class and found the spot on campus. As we conversed about the topic covered in class, my hands reflectively rummaged through the camera bag and brought the view finder to my eye. It was as if they had a mind of their own and with the mechanical precision of a laser guided robot, they adjusted the zoom and focus ring until the picture became focused in my field of view. Before I could formulate the thought, the shutter was depressed by my right finger, and the first impression became etched within my camera’s memory card.

Millions of variables aligned themselves in perfect harmony for this picture to be permanently etched into digital history. Even if we met again on the following day, and attempted to recreate this same image, it would never ever be the same again. Perhaps this explains why I enjoy photography. Every picture is unique, every person is unique, and every project is unique. With that in mind, I encourage you to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Because when it’s come and gone, you’ll never be able to have it again.


First Impressions

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