More than Enough

There was a time in the very recent past when I felt the need to invest in a new camera. I spent the holidays lamenting my lot in life, and how unfortunate I was by not having a new camera system. My epidemic reached epic proportions and I began petitioning my case to all who would listen. I was heard complaining, “oh my camera doesn’t do well in the dark, it doesn’t shoot video, and so forth and so forth”. All the while my baby sat idly in the corner, neglected by her envious owner until the day when someone asked me to shoot an event in the dark.

All of a sudden the camera which was insufficient transformed into ‘more than enough.’ There was no time to complain, as I hurried about the venue rushing to capture every moment. When I returned home and began glancing through the catalog of images I realized that my camera is more than enough for me. Once again, I had fallen prey to the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ syndrome, to the point that I forgot how nice my grass felt under my feet. And so I ask the question today, are there areas in your life in which you can experience more than enough? Are their opportunities being missed because you’re stuck gazing across the fence? As for me, I will never miss a picture again because of cameras I do not own.


4 thoughts on “More than Enough

  1. we can all make a difference in our own lives when we stop making excuses for ourselves and just do. You are so correct with this blog 🙂 Just jump in!

  2. Nice write up. The Idea is to work with what you have. The process is always the same. New gear gives you more opportunities, but you 1st need the skill to understand what those opportunity are.

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