Lessons learned from a little man

a baby boy

And so it was that I found myself in deep thought after a brief encounter with this little man.  You see, he and I didn’t exchange many words, he isn’t a little man of many words.  I suspect it may have something to do with his age, or perhaps his temperament.  Whatever the case, after our brief encounter, he left me to pontificate about the greater good in life.  However for the sake of this thought, I’ll narrow it down to a specific pondering and call it edumacation ( translation, self education).

You see, as I sat in the corner, sipping on my non-alcoholic beverage, I watched this little man as he sat on the floor.  His mother had gone to the other room and it became quite apparent to me that he wasn’t content in left behind.  I could see him weighing his options, he could cry, but that wouldn’t cause him to appear in the other room.  So I watched as he leaned forward, placing one hand before the other until his little feet began to follow.  Soon this young man found himself in the kitchen with his mom.   But then the plot thickened.  There was excitement in the living room quarters, and I sensed that he would want to come back.   And there I caught him as he turned the corner, not on his hands and feet, but standing bravely, and dragging a BIG man behind him as well.

Then I began to think.  Who taught him how to crawl or walk?  Did he sit in a lecture, watch videos, take a multiple choice exam, write a paper?  Did he buy a series of self help videos?  Did he read several blogs?  And then the light began to flicker in my mind.  He didn’t do NONE of these things, but by the time you read this post, he’s walking on his own.   I began to think about all the people who have smart phones, laptops, cameras, and other tech gadgetries.  Many of these people are  unapologetic about not knowing how to use their technology.  Some people spend ALL their days reading blogs about technology.  And then there … others..     Now this is the group that I plan to be apart of this year.  The group that are like this little man.  I don’t want to read about technology, I just plan to use it.  I don’t want to read about photography, I just want to do it.   I don’t want to read about …. I will just do it.

Now I reckon with my limited perspective of this world, I could be entirely wrong about my observation which is why I am opening this thought to discussion.  What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you agree with me? Please do leave your comments below.


2 thoughts on “Lessons learned from a little man

  1. Though there is a lot to learn about technology, photography, etc…the fact is that learning to walk, talk, write, etc is generally speaking, the normal, and natural development process for humans. Photography, technology ,etc is not a normal part of development. The level of knowledge and profiency is based on lots of factors, including, having an interest or need, learning via informal or formal modes, time and/or opportunity, resouces, equipment etc….so, to compare the natural development (I.e.walking) to the “development/profiency) of a hobby or interest isn’t an equal comparison..IMO

    Having said that, I do think that always planning “to do” something is a useless exercise. There comes a time when you have to put the plan into action.

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