Looking back to go forward II

Sunset at Farmingdale Airport

As 2011 rapidly draws to a close, I have taken a dosage of my own medicine and began looking back to go forward.   This morning I took a leisure walk across campus and reflected on all the projects I aspired to complete in 2011.  I found an old note book with my three most important goals, one which included becoming a better piano player.    I recall how excited I was to find my piano teacher in August and to embark on the journey  rekindling a childhood dream of being a descent pianist.

Anyone who knows anything about music will tell you that the secret to success is practice practice practice.  So I invested in a few exercise books, bought a few music theory books, and began this journey  with the help of my teacher.   However,  what caught my attention most  about my journey in music is that everything I am studing has already been written before.  The concepts in music theory have already been mastered, and yet it is still all new too me.

And then the thought solidified itself in my mind.  Indeed, one MUST look back in order to go forward.  If you want to be a better husband in 2012, perhaps it’s a good idea to spend some time looking back at the good fathers who have paved the way before you.  If you want to be a better musician, perhaps it’s time to spend more time with the greats who’ve come before you.   Time looking backwards is never lost when going forward.

In short, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, in order to become the BEST I hope to be, I will choose carefully the books I read next year, and the memories that I revisit, and spend more  time with the BEST seller of ALL times.


P.S. As you reflect on your year, I invite you explore more thoughtful words of wisdom by a great friend of mine, the honorable scholar as I call him, Pierre Quinn.


One thought on “Looking back to go forward II

  1. Profound reflections. But keep in mind that eevn though going forward requires looking back, going forward also requires a goal — a dream to be fulfilled, or one is just wandering through life.

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