Looking back to go forward

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Looking Back

To many, looking backwards to go forward is not wise.  In some cases, staring backwards is one sure way to bring progress to an abrupt halt, as in the case of driving a car while looking through the review mirrors.   However as this year draws to a close, I suggest to you that looking backwards is the best way to go forward.   Every day brings on new challenges, and every year brings on new opportunities.   Each year millions of people take on new resolutions to accomplish things they haven’t done before, but sometime between New Years and March, the passion  seems to fade.  And before long,  the once determined person has become ordinary.  There is no longer a hunger to go to the gym early in the morning,  no longer a care for balancing the budget,  and little effort is put forth to finish learning that new language.

It is in times like this that looking backwards will help you to go forward.  Remembering your past, will help you re-ignite the passion to tackle the problems of today.    I know this experience all to well when it comes to photography.  I remember that spring morning when I purchased my first DSLR.  My hands frantically demolished the packaging, and I quickly brought the viewfinder to my eye.  I was destined to change the world through my point of view.  I remember going to lunch that day with a new purpose, to create images … and create images I did.    This here photo you see, is one of the very first images from my Sigma SD9.   Since then, my passion for photography has gone up and down.  Some days I can’t part with my camera, and other weeks she sits in a secluded corner of the room begging for attention.   But one thing I know for sure, everytime I thumb through my photo collection, a fire begins to burn in me and my hands begin  looking  for my camera.   A surge of creativity flows through my veins and the rest is history.

It is with this challenge that I leave you.  Instead of hastily looking forward to the new year with un achievable new years resolution, take some time to look back and finish what has already been started.  After all finishing what you have already started is the only way to guaranty that you’ll finish what you plan to start.


2 thoughts on “Looking back to go forward

  1. great post. my end of the year rummaging through old boxes always reminds me of goals I made during the year. Plan to hang in there and get more accomplished in 2012.

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