I’m back !!

Every new year ushers in many new resolutions. Some set lofty fitness and dietary goals, other’s financial and relationship goals. I’ve decided to do neither. Instead, I will be exactly who I am to the best of my ability. Join me on this pictorial journey into 2019, starting with with this one.


Another GREAT read

I enjoy great podcasts.   My favorite podcast app for iOs is called Overcast.  I also enjoy listening to NPR, and recently added the Freakonomics Radio podcast to my collection of inspirational podcasts. That is how I found my next great read !    If you want to do great thangs (yes, I know it’s spelled things, but this is for emphasis… click more) Continue reading

Communication 101

Turning Signal

An all too familiar scene plays out on the busy highways in Maryland.   The other day while cruising in the middle lane on the I-95, a vehicle was observed leaving the right shoulder and casually drifting into the most right hand lane.    The black, classic luxury sedan accelerated with the urgency of a snail on a spring summer day.  Not a moment had past, before the black sedan, with smokey tinted windows drifted into the middle lane without  activating the turning signal, causing a half dozen of other traveling commuters to urgently seek their brake pedals.   Several cars raised their rears and dropped their noses while swaying side to side while dissipating speed faster water evaporates on a red hot skillet.   And still the Mercedes Benz continued drifting now settling comfortably and smugly in the left lane.   After the following vehicles collected themselves into a dense pack – also known as a traffic jam, the lone driver in the classic luxury sedan, black with smokey tinted windows, Mercedes Benz proceeded to lower his bumper and raise his nose, accelerating down the clear high way leaving behind a collection of bewildered and confused commuters.

So what lessons can you draw from this experience?  Communication, communication, communication.   For thousands of years, man kind traveled the world using various forms of transportation.  The automobile, a more recent invention graced our planet with a more efficient means of travel.  In the early days, drivers used hand signals to articulate their intentions so that other drivers could anticipate their movements.   As early as 1907, crafty inventors thought of ways of simplifying communications with an early turn signal.    Today, there are thousands of ways to communicate, self-phones(otherwise known as cellphones), social media,  LED turning signals, smoke signals, flying pigeons, telegraph, email,  word of mouth and on and on.  And yet, there are some who continue to move about the world without taking time to articulate their intentions.

So what is it that I’m really trying to say?  Please, for the sake of humanity, I implore you to take a minute,  tell someone what you intend to do.  Communicate, say something BEFORE.   If you are on the highway, signal before you turn so that others don’t have to panic and raise their rears.  If you drive below the speed limit, it’s okay to stay in the right lane.    If you work on becoming a better communicator, we’ll work on becoming better listeners.


Monday morning, Dec 1, I rushed into my bank to make a quick deposit.    Ordinarily I love visiting my local branch because of their quick and courteous service.   My branch is not like an ordinary branch.  You slip your deposit into a tube, and the friendly agent speaks through a monitor.     On this day however a new agent answered briefly,  ‘i’ll be with you shortly.’   The seconds turned into minutes, and I began to wonder if she/he had forgotten about me.    After a long 10 minute wait, he/she returned to my screen, and said your receipt is coming in the tube.

As I sat back in my car, I began to wonder about my experience at the bank.  I pondered on the variables that caused me to love banking with this branch, and how quickly the experience could have been ruined by one agent (new on the job)    This short experience served as the catalyst for my thoughts.

Simply put – Always do your best in what ever you do.   Your very best is what creates amazing experiences for others.  That my friend, is the essence of BestOlogy.


I bought my first digital camera in 1997.   17 years ago, I decided to go digital to reduce the cost of processing the photos from my growing collection of disposable cameras.  Photography had become my way of capturing the beauty of the world, from the vantage point of the sky, as I worked on my private pilots license.   Digital cameras were expensive then, and not many of my friends owned one.     Photography was expensive and back then much thought went into each picture that was created.

Now we fast forward to 2014.  Digital cameras are everywhere.  Every self-phone, I mean cellphone has a camera 5-10x better than my first digital camera.   Now instead of seeing beautiful pictures of the sky, social media is bombarded with hoards of selfies.   The camera, which was once a tool to capture the world ‘outside’ has turned on its owner.  It’s owners no longer have interest in sharing where they have been, instead they prefer to fill the frame with their face.

This morning, I still remember holding my disposable camera close to my eye, as it gazed over the Long Island shores.  I remember hesitating a moment before pressing the shutter, to make sure that the image was well framed and composed.   I remember waiting until the last frame before rushing to my corner CVS to develop the film.  Each frame was precious to me.    I could hardly wait to have my photo prints in hand, to share with my family and friends, and relive the moment in the sky with them.

When photography was expensive, the world was void of selfies,  but now that cameras are free with even cheap cell phones… selfies are EVERYWHERE…