Monday morning, Dec 1, I rushed into my bank to make a quick deposit.    Ordinarily I love visiting my local branch because of their quick and courteous service.   My branch is not like an ordinary branch.  You slip your deposit into a tube, and the friendly agent speaks through a monitor.     On this day however a new agent answered briefly,  ‘i’ll be with you shortly.’   The seconds turned into minutes, and I began to wonder if she/he had forgotten about me.    After a long 10 minute wait, he/she returned to my screen, and said your receipt is coming in the tube.

As I sat back in my car, I began to wonder about my experience at the bank.  I pondered on the variables that caused me to love banking with this branch, and how quickly the experience could have been ruined by one agent (new on the job)    This short experience served as the catalyst for my thoughts.

Simply put – Always do your best in what ever you do.   Your very best is what creates amazing experiences for others.  That my friend, is the essence of BestOlogy.


I bought my first digital camera in 1997.   17 years ago, I decided to go digital to reduce the cost of processing the photos from my growing collection of disposable cameras.  Photography had become my way of capturing the beauty of the world, from the vantage point of the sky, as I worked on my private pilots license.   Digital cameras were expensive then, and not many of my friends owned one.     Photography was expensive and back then much thought went into each picture that was created.

Now we fast forward to 2014.  Digital cameras are everywhere.  Every self-phone, I mean cellphone has a camera 5-10x better than my first digital camera.   Now instead of seeing beautiful pictures of the sky, social media is bombarded with hoards of selfies.   The camera, which was once a tool to capture the world ‘outside’ has turned on its owner.  It’s owners no longer have interest in sharing where they have been, instead they prefer to fill the frame with their face.

This morning, I still remember holding my disposable camera close to my eye, as it gazed over the Long Island shores.  I remember hesitating a moment before pressing the shutter, to make sure that the image was well framed and composed.   I remember waiting until the last frame before rushing to my corner CVS to develop the film.  Each frame was precious to me.    I could hardly wait to have my photo prints in hand, to share with my family and friends, and relive the moment in the sky with them.

When photography was expensive, the world was void of selfies,  but now that cameras are free with even cheap cell phones… selfies are EVERYWHERE…    

Standard Shift

There was a time, in my adolescent years when I wondered why older people clung to artifacts of yesteryears.   When the CD player emerged on the scene, I quickly replaced my old Tape recorder.    My little wallet could barely keep up with the changing times.   I chuckled at people who clung to their tape players, and record players, until  last year when I began to look for a standard transmission car.  

Wanting a standard transmission went against the grain of the culture that I had adopted.   A stick shift is not new technology, however there is a certain personal satisfaction that comes with driving a stick.   I look forward to my driving adventures.  I like dancing with 3 pedals, and exercising my right arm in traffic.   Now I understand why some people cling to their old tape recorders, and record players.   

I am still a techno-junky, but now that I am maturing in age, I realize that some of life’s greatest pleasures come from doing things, simply for the joy it brings.    After today, no slick sales person can convince me to buy a new shiny automatic or cvt powered vehicle.   Keyless entry, voice activated navigation,  rain-activated wipers, are all inventions designed for a world that craves the new… meanwhile, I have settled into what I like.    My car still has a tape deck, and CD player with no iPod plug in.    I don’t have keyless entry, or rain-activated wipers.

When  I get in my car,  I can’t stop grinning ear to ear because I enjoy driving a standard transmission.


The Wheel

a dirty wheel

Roundup to the rescue

One thing I loath is dirty wheels. In times past, I would bring my car to the local touch less car wash, and pay $11.00 to have my car washed, and lament over the results from the automated car wash. But today, as I helped my brother unpack his Uhaul truck, I asked him what was he doing with a roundup spray bottle, knowing that he didn’t care for the lawn at his previous apartment. He casually said, ‘I use this to wash my car.’ What a brilliant idea I thought to myself.

Twenty dollars, and a trip to Lowes, I found my solution to my dirty wheels. Problem solved !

clean wheel

After the cleaning

Want more Profits ?

I’m breaking the silence again, to offer my two cents on something that happened today.  The fans of Apple, experienced a new product announcement, and a confirmed release date for iOS 7.   I am excited, and I am not ashamed to be called a fANBOY.   But to my dismay,  WHILE I sat at home enjoying the KEYNOTE, my mobile device binged to alert me that the DOW JONES closed at a record high, with APPLE stock taking a dip.

And to this I says this,  if you are an investor in a company and wish to experience more profits in your portfolio.   Why not roll up your sleeves, and PITCH in and HELP.  By this I mean,  if you are REALLY concerned about the ‘bottom line’,  then I give you permission to get involved.   Roll up your sleeves, and put in some sweat equity, in the firm that your wallet believes in.    ONCE you have some sweat Equity, and work your way up to TOP Management, then your IDEAS can lead to increased profits for your wallet.

This concludes my two cents.   No, I am not an independently wealthy investor.  I’m simply a satisfied customer, who puts in sweat equity in the firms that I care for.

I don’t support Minimum again ( Read Below )

Earlier today I came across a youtube news commenter who spoke about minimum wage. He asked the question, should minimum wage be raised for low wage earners who work at McDonalds.

I’ve worked for a few major corporations in time, who offered me a the bare minimums. Now that I am older and wiser, I’ve had some time to think about the whole situation. Let illustrate my new insight with a fictional company, in a fictional market. Supposing that Banana Co, earned 1.2 Billion dollars in profits during the 1st quarter of the year. The share holders rejoice, the CEO and friends assign themselves nice bonuses, and everyone is happy right? Well then the real question that should be asked is, what is the REAL factor that enabled the company to perform well in during that quarter?

Is it the smart thinking of the CEO and the tenacity of the managers down below? Sure they all play a part in the process, however they don’t play the ONLY part in reaching those financial goals. Unless Banana Co’s workforce is comprised entirely of robots, I am quite certain that a large part of the financial success is due to the labor force which interacts directly or indirectly with the clients and customers of Banana Co.

This brings me to my point, I don’t believe in minimum wage.. (pause) In a perfect world, in my example, when Banana Co, makes record profits, EVERYONE should get bonuses, right down to the lowly line worker. Sure, accountants will need to work much harder, and human resources departments won’t be able to offer ‘flat compensation’ packages, but.. in the end, a company who values their team members, won’t need adhere to a policy that sets minimum wages, they would always look for ways make sure their team members lived well. After all, a worker who doesn’t have to spend ALL their leisure time, trying to make ends meets, can better focus on the job of helping the team WIN more.

In conclusion, my appeal is simple. It takes a TEAM to win a game. People shouldn’t be paid according to the tasks that they do, but the TEAM should value it’s members, to ensure that they are always in a position to create new WINS for the team. If you value your people, the government won’t have to set ‘polices’ to make sure you are treating them right.